In The Open

In the Open, Sheffield: an exhibition of collaborative artworks around place, landscape and environment.

The private view exhibition details can be found here.

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The In The Open exhibition will be held at the following galleries:

Bank Street Arts.

Sheffield Institute of Arts (SIA) Gallery.

Poster ITO


There will be a curated exhibition or “exposition”, In the Open, Sheffield, held in association with the conference. We intend this to be a two-venue show with university and city spaces. This exhibition will bring together works by those who practice collaboratively and variously as artists, poets, performers, curators and academics. All work will be across disciplines to explore, through research and practice, ideas around landscape, place, ecology and environment. It will reflect artists’ preoccupation with and experimentation with space on the wall and within the book-space in relation to landscape. The exhibition will comprise artworks in a variety of media, including artists’ books, texts, images, videos, paintings and objects which are the result of Cross, Multi, Inter, Trans collaborative practices. The exhibition will incorporate poetry and text in vinyl on the windows and walls to be read in relation to the visual works hung on the wall. To exhibit these works in conversation with each other, will provide an enriched perspective of our relationship to landscape and will expand notions of collaboration.

If you collaborate already you are especially welcome to present here, alone, in pairs or in groups and in conventional or unconventional formats.If you would like to submit collaborative work for consideration for inclusion in the exhibition/exposition then please send three images and 500 words by March 2017. Space and funding will be limited and priority will be given to ASLE and Land2 members. We are especially interested in showcasing artist books and experimental publications. There will be an opportunity for a show reel of film and video work to be screened during the conference and we anticipate that there will be opportunity for pyschogeographical and other walking or site-specific projects.