A year ahead of the conference/exhibition, we invited artists in all disciplines to contact us if they were interested in collaboration with someone from another discipline. We were delighted with the response and put the following pairs in touch. We very much look forward to hearing about where their work together leads. If you are collaborating independently towards the conference, let us know and we will mention you here also.

Ann Fisher-Wirth (poet) and Barbara Howey (artist). Read Ann & Barbara’s Collaboration Spotlight.

Steve Baker (artist) and Amy Cutler (poet).

David Walker-Barker (artist) and Daniel Eltringham (poet). Read David & Dan’s Collaboration Spotlight.

Rebecca Thomas (artist) and Elizabeth-Jane Burnett (poet).

Clare Davies and Lucie Winterson (artist). Read Clare & Lucie’s Collaboration Spotlight.

Adrian Evans and Carole Marsden.

Laura Gray-Street and Anne-Marie Creamer.