Collaboration Spotlight: Elizabeth-Jane Burnett & Rebecca Thomas

Field Notes / Field Study

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett and Rebecca Thomas

We propose an Art book which explores both narrative sequence and mapping. The book will include a fold-up map created from our time spent in, bordering, and away from, three fields in Devon. Our collaboration uses mapping as a practical starting point for articulating these fields, operating both metaphorically and visually, involving different stages of drawing, writing, performing and imagining. Two screen prints will also be produced for the book.

Fields in Ide

As well as using on-the-spot, site-specific writing and drawing, we are interested in how the project develops away from the site, to include an imagined and re-imagined landscape. A series of small paintings of Fields-dreaming, in anticipation of one of the fields will be produced to feature in the book, as well as Dream-writing in response to the same field.

Diagram of the Book

The fields we are “mapping” are located in the Devon village of Ide. They appear as “Drewshill 1, 2 and 3” on a sketch map drawn by the writer’s father, a historian, who discusses the etymological history of these fields as meaning “the fields of the Druid.” These ideas and fields are also being explored in Burnett’s A Dictionary of the Soil.

Surface and Depth

Thomas is also interested in drawing while walking in the field, constantly making marks whilst moving. Using oil pastels or other mediums she will record, physically and literally the movement of the body through space. She is interested in working with a writer, with a view to exploring the relationship between this physical mark making and language in the conventional sense of the word.

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